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VESTAPE – the new unidirectional tape from Evonik

Marl, February 16, 2017

Marl. Endless, fiber-reinforced plastics offer a promising, innovative solution for lightweight construction. Evonik has developed endless fiber-reinforced UD tapes with thermoplastic matrices to the marketable stage and is now distributing them under the VESTAPE brand.

For some years now, tape manufacturers have been using thermoplastic matrices from Evonik. Now the company itself is manufacturing both glass and carbon fiber tapes using polyamide 12 and specialty high-temperature polyamides. On request, tapes can also be produced using other thermoplastic matrices such as polyamide 6 or PEEK (VESTAKEEP®). The tapes are supplied in rolls 80mm and 150mm wide.

In a unidirectional tape, glass or carbon fibers, which are embedded in a thermoplastic matrix, optimally combine their properties so that innovative construction materials result which enable new component design. Multiple layers of UD tape in a laminate make up organosheets, which significantly exceed the mechanical properties of metal sheets of similar thickness. Organosheets can be thermoformed and can thus assume various component geometries. They also offer the opportunity to integrate additional functions or components, as the parts can be coated with plastic in an injection molding machine. The matrix is made from specially developed high-performance polymers with a high glass transition temperature and therefore features good heat resistance. The polymers are customized to high-strength endless fibers, which allows production of parts that can be used even in areas exposed to extreme temperatures.

Find out more about VESTAPE at the JEC World in Paris from March 14 to 16, 2017, in Hall 5A, Stand J40.


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Dr. Ursula Keil

Market Communications High Performance Polymers