VESTAKEEP® PEEK - A Material for Long Service Life

Developers of electronic devices that contain plastic place a premium on two basic properties: mechanical function and electrical insulation. Added to this are additional requirements such as low weight, reduced size, halogen-free flame protection, lead-free welding, and metal replacement, to name just a few.
Evonik is a partner to the electronics industry and has for many years offered material solutions for these tasks. With our product range comprising
we have extensive experience in the field of electrical and electronic applications. 
The new molding compounds based on the thermoplastic material VESTAKEEP® PEEK expand our range to include materials with unique property combinations that can be customized to the growing needs of the electronics industry. Because these compounds excel at resisting chemicals, extreme temperatures, and wear and at keeping their dimensional stability, they can make a crucial contribution to the performance of electronic devices. 
Reasons for using VESTAKEEP® PEEK in the electronics industry are:


- compliance with RoHS and WEEE - flame protection without additives - lead-free welding possible - up to 50% regrind can be added


- ease of flow for thin walls - can be processed in extremely short cycles - flash-free - approved to UL94


- excellent electrical properties - short-term resistance to temperatures up to +350°C - high permanent service temperature up to +160°C - high resistance to chemicals - high abrasion resistance - high dimensional stability - low tendency to creep - high LOI (limiting oxygen index) without additives - low mold wear and low corrosion

Electrical components, switches and sensors

Applications where these properties are essential include components in fractional horsepower motors and electromechanical controls and in power distribution equipment. In these applications, manufacturers can replace metal with VESTAKEEP® PEEK, combine parts, and simplify construction. Further applications include timer and contactor housings, low-tolerance gears, and overspraying of stators or other metal parts that require flame protection, insulation, and heat resistance. Switches and sensors need to work meticulously and precisely in order to transmit defined signals. Here, the low post-shrinkage and moisture absorption of parts made from VESTAKEEP® PEEK ensure high precision in these applications.


As the microelectronics sector continues to encounter more success—whether in communications and entertainment or in automobiles—manufacturers are demanding more and ever smaller components. This is driving the development of connectors toward increasingly thinner walls and lower tolerances for a given level of functionality. The new lead-free welding processes also help to make VESTAKEEP® PEEK the center of attention.


New developments in HID (High Intensity Discharge) systems or halogen lights for vehicles call for materials that can withstand high temperatures, such as VESTAKEEP® PEEK. For the next generation of xenon HID lights, VESTAKEEP® PEEK provides the required heat resistance and low outgassing.
Three-dimensional circuit carriers can be used to integrate electrical and mechanical components in LED (light-emitting diode) lights. Here, developers can use the selectively metallizable VESTAKEEP® PEEK grades to manufacture minute LED components. 
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Halogen-free flame protection

Manufacturers of “green electronics" seek to reduce or completely dispense with harmful substances, including heavy metals and brominated flame retardants, in their products.
Evonik offers a wide product range of halogen-free flame-protected products classed V0 to UL94. These products are suitable for lead-free welding and comply with the regulations of RoHS (Directive 2002/95/EC on restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) and WEEE (Directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment). VESTAKEEP® PEEK is halogen-free and inherently flame-protected without any additives. Since it can withstand short-term heat loads up to +350°C during lead-free welding, the innovative easy-flow VESTAKEEP® PEEK grades are the materials of choice for thin walls and higher production cycles. This makes VESTAKEEP® PEEK excellently suited for high-temperature electronic components such as connectors, coils, switches, and relays. Adding up to 50% regrind without losing the UL classification further helps to cut production costs.

Permanent antistatic protection

VESTAKEEP® PEEK also offers an excellent basis for modifying the permanent antistatic and electrically conductive properties. In this area, our customers benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in applications with polyamide 12 molding compounds (PA 12) of the VESTAMID® L-R range. As switches and operating elements for explosion-proof equipment, the products of the VESTAMID® L-R range ensure the safety of many an oil rig and chemical plant. This experience allows us to strike a good balance between antistatic properties, electrically conductivity, and mechanical performance.