VESTAKEEP® PEEK – Protection from Heat and Friction

Suitable grades for monofilaments and fibers are

  • 2000 G
  • 2000 G black
  • L4000 G

The special features of VESTAKEEP

PEEK monofilaments and fibers are

  • extremely high toughness
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • resistance to high temperatures

Resistance to high temperatures

Woven into fabric, monofilaments made from VESTAKEEP

PEEK can be used in special conveyor belts for drying or heat-treating products that are continuously conveyed lying on their surface. Familiar applications for PEEK are the production of webs, textiles drying, food processing, and powder transport.

High-pressure dewatering

Monofilaments made of PEEK that are woven into multilayers resist high-pressure dewatering of chemical slurries or the consolidation of fiber composite sheets by means of heat. They are used both for air (hot gas) filtration and as a resilient layer or high-temperature cover layer for a conventional felt surface to prevent fire due to friction.

Protection for electric cables


PEEK flexes protect electric cables from abrasion damage, particularly at extreme temperatures, as well as in special areas of automotive and nuclear installations. VESTAKEEP

PEEK monofilaments protect both inner cables and cable bundles against mechanical influences, even at high temperatures.

Good resilience


PEEK bristles show good resilience and functionality in hot or chemically aggressive environments. Unlike other materials, they retain their stiffness especially in the temperature range between 100 and 150°C.