VESTAKEEP® PEEK—Leaving Metal Behind


PEEK opens up interesting new options to designers and engineers for the layout and design of machine components. Using VESTAKEEP

PEEK with its excellent properties in terms of resistance to hydrolysis and chemicals, combined with outstanding resistance to wear, makes it possible to extend the service life of machine parts and thereby achieve substantial cuts in overall operating costs. Surprisingly, PEEK leaves even metals behind when it comes to wear resistance. This property is already being exploited by manufacturers of compression pumps and drinking water feed pumps to give the entire system (cold-water treatment units, for instance) a longer service life.


PEEK is used wherever demanding applications call for materials with special properties. Typical fields of application are

Textile machine construction for high-speed weaving, knitting and spinning, as well as the downstream finishing processes drying, dyeing, printing, and embroidering.

Typical machine parts are wearing plates, bushes, tubes, bearings, chain parts, cogwheels, sensors, gaskets and washers, cable jackets, pump parts, and thread and yarn wires.

The special advantages of VESTAKEEP

PEEK include:

  • mechanical strength
  • resistance to high temperatures (permanent service temperature 260°C)
  • resistance to chemicals and high-pressure steam
  • weight savings as compared with metal materials
  • high wear resistance due to low coefficient of friction


PEEK allows you to produce series of complex injection moldings without any need for subsequent treatment.

We would be pleased to help you improve the productivity and performance of your machines using VESTAKEEP

PEEK. Its first-rate reliability improves your company's productivity and economic efficiency.