Evonik has decades of experience in manufacturing specialty polymers for high-precision parts in electrical engineering. Here, the leading manufacturers of relays and micro switches in particular count on the reliability and long functionality of components made from our polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) VESTODUR

in the FR3 range, with migration-free flame retardants. The special advantages here were provided by the purity of the monomers and the freedom from other contaminants.

In line with the same philosophy, we offer VESTAKEEP

PEEK for the semiconductor industry, where the following criteria are once again of importance to us and our customers:

  • ultra-high purity, which means fewer rejects due to migration effects
  • metal ions at the lowest technically feasible level for passive protection of the high-quality semiconductor materials
  • abrasion resistance, which leads to extremely long service life and a low level of contamination
  • heat deflection temperature up to 260°C, with the relevant advantages in following processes without setting and cooling times
  • combination of high elastic modulus and impact strength as a basis for hard wear
  • excellent chemical resistance for unlimited use in extreme ambient conditions

In this way, we support the entire range of applications for handling components and devices, rings, holders and boxes in the semiconductor industry.