Injection Molding


PEEK polymers are distinguished by good processability in injection molding processes. On standard three-zone screws, designed for processing temperatures of up to 430°C, high-quality shaped parts can be produced economically.

For complex thin- and thick-walled molded parts, Evonik offers special low- and high-viscosity grades, respectively. The compounds excel in a broad range of applications, for example, in micro injection molding, where they are outstanding in reproducing surface details accurately, or in mainly externally heated hot runner systems, where they are processed economically.

Due to the high processing temperatures of 360 °C to 400 °C the brochure "VESTAKEEP® PEEK – Polyether Ether Ketone Compounds" includes recommendations concerning the following:

  • Plastication unit
  • Tool steel
  • Mold temperatures
  • Hot runner systems
  • Cylinder temperatures
  • Flow behavior
  • Cleaning of the plasticating unit