Jürgen Szumigala

VESTAKEEP® PEEK—an extraordinary high-performance polyetheretherketone polymer for the technologies of the future

PEEK Base grades

Ranging from easy flowing to high-viscosity

VESTAKEEP® PEEK is polycondensed from the building blocks hydrochinone and 4,4´-difluorobenzophenone in a multistage process. The base grades have a melt viscosity of 100–3,000 Pas, measured at 400 °C, and a low shear of 1 sec-1, which is right for injection molding and extrusion applications.

The following grades are available: 

- VESTAKEEP® 1000G, unreinforced, low-viscosity 
- VESTAKEEP® 2000G and VESTAKEEP®2000G black, unreinforced, medium-viscosity, lubricated

- VESTAKEEP® 4000G black, unreinforced, high-viscosity

- VESTAKEEP® L4000G, unreinforced, high-viscosity, lubricated

- VESTAKEEP® 5000G, unreinforced, high-viscosity, lubricated

Flow behavior

The following illustration serves as guide for selecting a grade in terms of the flowability of VESTAKEEP® PEEK compounds. It shows how injection pressure affects the flow length of the base grades.

The values were obtained at a mold temperature of 180°C and at a processing temperature ranging from 360 to 400°C. The results are based on a flow spiral of 6 by 2 mm.