VESTAKEEP® PEEK—an extraordinary high-performance polyetheretherketone polymer for the technologies of the future

PEEK Stock shapes

n the context of its VESTAKEEP® PEEK polymer activities and the associated complementary strategy, Evonik Industries has also integrated the PEEK-based semifinished products into its product range, too. Evonik Polymer Technologies GmbH (EPT) , a wholly owned subsidiary of Evonik Industries AG, is now offering semifinished products made from VESTAKEEP® PEEK for the Europe and Asia/Pacific Regions.

The product quality of VESTAKEEP® molding compounds, combined with EPT Europe’s special production process, offers customers distinct advantages as regards ductility. Especially when it comes to applications in high-tech industries, medical technology, and oil and gas industries, close cooperation is a guarantee of quality and a competitive advantage.

Among other things, the latest generation of PEEK semifinished products, based on VESTAKEEP® Ultimate, are a part of the product range. These semifinished products are distinguished especially by their improved ductility and alternate-bending qualities.

Together with our end-customers, we focus on opening up new applications in which the excellent performance of our VESTAKEEP®-based semifinished products comes to bear  

In accordance with DIN IS0 9001 and DIN ISO 13485, a state-of-the-art process technology under cleanroom conditions ensures quality, which is especially crucial in the medical segment and to end-customers who can appreciate the special advantages of VESTAKEEP® products.


Jürgen Szumigala

Christian Lebherz