Suitable for all common processes

VESTAKEEP® as granules and powders

Evonik offers polyetheretherketone compounds for all common processes that we can also test in our own test centers. For injection molding and extrusion purposes, VESTAKEEP® PEEK polymers and compounds are processed mainly in granular form. For coatings, laser sintering, and compression molding, our PEEK grades are available as powders in various particle sizes.

Injection Molding and Extrusion

Most standard screw machines are suitable for injection molding and extrusion processing of VESTAKEEP® PEEK. The plasticating unit should be designed for process temperatures of up to 450 °C. It may also be necessary to modify the controller, band heaters, and temperature sensors.

Coating, Laser Sintering, Compression Molding

VESTAKEEP® PEEK powders can be processed with a number of methods, such as compression molding, electrostatic powder spraying, flame spraying, and scattering. They can also be used as a suspension in aqueous as well as solvent-based systems.