Protecting your Device to Keep you on Track.


Small electronic devices require narrower semiconductor fabrication. They need to occupy smaller spaces and perform better. But this leads to a critical challenge in processing: damage from electrostatic discharges (ESDs).

For the younger generation, PCs the size of desks and mobile phones resembling bricks are hard to imagine. These once cumbersome and large machines are now integrated into small handheld electronic devices enabling instant connection to ‘the digital world. Shopping, chatting to friends, and gaming can all be accomplished in the palm of our hand. And the desire for smaller electronic devices isn’t going away.

The spark we feel when shaking hands can be memorable. For semiconductors, ESDs can be fatal, causing damage to the electronic devices and reducing semiconductor functionally. Therefore, it is important to manage ESD safety in manufacturing and during operation.

Evonik has developed an ESD PEEK portfolio. This can protect your devices from ESDs to ensure you are never left high and dry. Our experts are ready to guide you in making the best material’s choice. VESTAKEEP® ESD PEEK provides:

  • Uniform and stable surface resistivity
  • Low wear rate to reduce particle formation
  • Low outgassing and particle contamination


Premium ESD PEEK

Carbon nanotube ESD PEEK

Carbon fiber ESD PEEK

Surface resistivity (Ω)

106 - 109

106 - 109

103 - 109


  • Stable surface resistivity
  • Low warpage
  • Glossy surface
  • Better wear resistance
  • High mechanical strength