Environment and Safety - VESTAKEEP® PEEK—an extraordinary high-performance polyetheretherketone polymer for the technologies of the future

Environment and Safety

Physiological and toxicological evaluation

VESTAKEEP® PEEK compounds and powders are

  • water -insoluble, solid polymers

  • that are largely inert physiologically.

  • Due to the high moleculare weight (> 30.000 g/mol) they are not absorbed either through the skin, respiratory or the gastrointestinal tract.

  • No systemic toxicity is expected from single contact or even multiple contacts

As in the case of other inert dusts, exposure to VESTAKEEP® PEEK dusts could possibly result in mechanical irritation in the upper respiratory passages and the mucous membranes of the eye. Product dust can remove natural moisture from the skin, and the resulting drying of the skin could cause irritation in some cases. Sensitization of the skin is not expected.

Information about environmental compatibility and safety

VESTAKEEP® PEEK compounds and powders are

  • non-hazardous substances,

  • not governed by any particular safety regulations and

  • non water-polluting.

They can be disposed of in accordance with local ordinances. Recycling is, however, preferred and advisable for economic reasons.


VESTAKEEP® PEEK compounds can be easily recycled.The properties of the recyclates are only slightly affected. For questions regarding the recycling of VESTAKEEP® PEEK compounds, please contact us.

Ventilation and exhaust during processing

No dangerous byproducts are formed if VESTAKEEP® PEEK is processed properly. Care should be taken, however, to ventilate and exhaust the working area properly. Detailed directions about handling can be found in the “Processing” section.

Degradation of the material during processing is shown by a discoloration of the melt. Degraded material should be quickly removed from the machine and cooled under water in order to minimize any troublesome smells or fumes.

No pigments or additives containing cadmium are used.

Fire behavior

VESTAKEEP® PEEK compounds are noncombustible. Flammable gases can be released at melt temperatures above 450 °C. Since the spectrum of crack and combustion products greatly depends on the combustion conditions, it is not possible to make any general statements here.


VESTAKEEP® PEEK compounds, which are filled with PTFE (FC grades), can release highly toxic and caustic gases at temperatures exceeding 380 °C. If conditions leading to this decomposition are not avoidable, direct exposure of the employees must be prevented, e.g. by an efficient withdrawal of exhaust air.

In addition to our instructions, please also comply with the safety data sheet for the compound in question.


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