VESTAKEEP® PEEK—an extraordinary high-performance Polyetheretherketone polymer for the technologies of the future


With its VESTAKEEP® polyetheretherketone (PEEK) molding compounds, Evonik has further consolidated its technological leadership in the high-performance polymers sector. PEEK is very much more to us than one of a large number of products: It is rather an integral component of a product portfolio strategy for the long term.


These aromatic polyetheretherketone molding compounds are suitable for producing long-lasting, heavy-duty components. Such components are used in, for example, semiconductor production, oil exploration, the automotive and aviation sectors, and medical applications.


The semicrystalline thermoplastic high-performance polymer PEEK is distinguished by the following material properties:

  • high radiation resistance

  • high chemical resistance

  • very good resistance to wear

  • high abrasion resistance

  • hydrolytic resistance

  • high dimensional stability due to low water absorption

  • high thermal resistance

  • very high heat distortion temperature

  • inherent flame resistance

  • high glass transition temperature

  • high fusion temperature

  • high long-term stability

  • high creep resistance

  • good electrical properties

These properties make the VESTAKEEP® the material of choice if, for example, you're looking for a high-temperature polymer as a metal substitute in components that must withstand severe environmental conditions.

VESTAKEEP® PEEK superior to metal

VESTAKEEP® PEEK outperforms metals by improving system durability and lowering component manufacturing costs. These benefits derive from the material properties of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high rigidity combined with low weight, and versatile processability.

  • PEEK components, for example, are resistant to corrosion caused by salts, solvents, caustics, and many acids.

  • The high-performance polymer also reduces abrasive wear arising from slurries, particulate impact, and sliding friction.

  • VESTAKEEP® PEEK is more rigid than steel and weighs less. Lightweight construction components help save fuel in transport, and allow the construction of more durable compressor parts and more efficient engine design for gears and impellers.

  • Substituting metal parts with VESTAKEEP® PEEK reduces component cost due to improved durability, more efficient processing methods, part consolidation, and greater design freedom than is possible for machined metal parts.

Thanks to these properties, PEEK is gaining ground and replacing such materials as aluminum, titanium, and steel in aircraft construction. Bushings used in the mining, pulp, and paper industries are also made from the high-temperature polymer.

VESTAKEEP® PEEK superior to other plastics

Of all plastics, PEEK offers the best combination of inertness and heat resistance. This high-performance polymer retains its original properties, even after long exposure to steam, ethylene oxide, and gamma radiation. Extremely low levels of extractables, outgassing, and contaminants make polyetheretherketone an excellent material for wafer handling in semiconductor production. VESTAKEEP® PEEK molding compounds have extremely high oxidative stability in the melt and can be used continuously at temperatures exceeding 260°C.


Jürgen Szumigala

VESTAKEEP® PEEK—Quality at the Highest Level

Quality and Approvals

Evonik markets its VESTAKEEP® PEEK molding compounds worldwide. A proven quality management system ensures a high level of quality for our PEEK products, from development through production and to quality assurance. 

Quality and Approvals
Environment and Safety - VESTAKEEP® PEEK—an extraordinary high-performance polyetheretherketone polymer for the technologies of the future

Environment and Safety

Our Environment, Safety, Health and Quality (ESHQ) Values set out our commitments in these areas. Together with more detailed guidelines and procedural instructions, they form a binding framework. 

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