Application technology


Jürgen Szumigala

Comprehensive service package for PEEK users

As a partner to our customers, we’re far more than just a manufacturer of high-quality polymers and semi-finished products. On the contrary, our goal is also to work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop technically demanding system solutions. 

This applies to the high-performance polymer PEEK, too. For us, close consultation with our customers is a matter of course. That’s because a good product also contains our experience, brand awareness, service, and worldwide networks to universities and OEMS.

In other words, we

- develop a number of innovations jointly with our partners, 

- advise on mold and die design,

- provide intensive technical support, and

- help with the approval of the products.

It goes without saying that in this task we respond flexibly to current market requirements.

Optimal support backed by long-standing expertise

No matter whether it’s PEEK compounds or powders, PEEK blends, stock shapes, composites, or prepregs: Our customers can rely on our extensive know-how in all the common processing processes. Many years of applications expertise extending over almost all the relevant branches of technology have resulted in a number of synergies that can be smoothly transferred to all the fields of application of VESTAKEEP® PEEK. 

These include, for example, mold and die expertise, experience in injection molding, and processing simulation, using advanced software, of the injection molding process from the filling phase through the holding pressure phase to the calculation of shrinkage and distortion. In addition, we provide comprehensive CAE support in the development of molds, dies, and shapes. 

Our service offer also includes complete materials testing in accordance with all current ISO and ASTM standards.