Inherent flame retardant

VESTAKEEP®, the high-performance plastic in the aviation & aerospace industry

VESTAKEEP® Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer ideal for manufacturing long-lasting components for use in the toughest conditions in the aerospace segment.

Specialist know-how is absolutely essential to gain a foothold in the aerospace industry. In this special sector, we have not only acquired market knowledge in many years of application for our lightweight construction material ROHACELL®, we are also perfectly familiar with the regulations for approving new products and applications. VESTAKEEP® PEEK fulfills all the FST requirements for all kinds of interior, exterior or structual components and tubing in the aircraft.

The high-temperature polymer is suitable for cable applications in aircraft construction due to its heat resistance and high mechanical strength, among other properties. These cables either have to run through hot areas, or be suspended beneath the aircraft wings. PEEK can also be used to advantage in the area of engine cowling, as has been shown by the Boeing 757-200. This makes it possible to achieve substantial cuts in the weight of modern aircraft, freeing up payload space.

The advantages of PEEK in the aviation and aerospace industry

  • Inherent flammability properties 
  • Meet fire, smoke, toxicity requirements High temperature resistance  
  • High temperature resistance 
  • Excellent mechanical properties 
  • Corrosion & Chemical resistance 
  • Tight tolerance parts can be produced via traditional molding 
  • Proven track record to replace metal