New materials are key to innovations. This is especially true of high-performance polymers, which give rise to new developments in a wide variety of fields. Inform yourself about the extensive range of applications for VESTAKEEP® PEEK and our other products.

PEEK in the aerospace industry

Our wealth of experience, combined with our global quality management system, has ensured that VESTAKEEP® PEEK molding compounds are successfully penetrating the aircraft construction market, too.

PEEK in automotive construction

With its outstanding properties, VESTAKEEP® PEEK comes top of the league of high-performance thermoplastic materials. The growing demands for system solutions in automotive construction make it ever more indispensable.

PEEK for semifinished materials

Besides compounding, the manufacture of VESTAKEEP® PEEK solid rods and sheets offers the option of incorporating special additives to obtain specific properties in the end product.


The benefits of PEEK are well known in this demanding field.
Specialized grades of VESTAKEEP® 2000 and 4000 series can be used in wafer carrier applications due to the excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.


Because these compounds excel at resisting chemicals, extreme temperatures, and wear and at keeping their dimensional stability, they can make a crucial contribution to the performance of electronic devices.